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What do Citizen Kane, The Ten Commandments, Taxi Driver, Shawshank Redemption and Heat have in common?
All great movies, no doubt.
But, wait....these are also all movies that missed out on Best Picture Oscars!
That these landmarks of film-making did not win 'Best Picture' will remain among those maddening mysteries of Hollywood that we, as movie maniacs, simply cannot come to terms with.
This book attempts to, in a small way, set right this wrong. By asking "why?". By shining the light on ten certified classics that should have been up there when that final award of the night was announced. By celebrating the best of the best that continue to lead even without the title.

TopTenMM will introduce one nominee a day in a category. The last day of every month will be the reveal when you will get to see our version of the top ten ranking in that category. Tell us if you agree with our ranking and give us your version by using the Vote for your Top Ten button. It's time rankings moved from the critics to movie maniacs like us!

eBook Cover First Two Chapters.png