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We come from a movie mad family. We possibly hold the world record for most number of movies seen in the cinemas as a family. (Pity we didn’t keep the ticket stubs to have that conversation with Guinness). Our children spout lines from ‘The Ten Commandments’ to the latest ‘John Wick’. They imitate a Tom Cruise run in ‘MI’ and do an uncanny take of  “Caesar is home” from ‘The Planet of the Apes’. And we always have heated debates on a favorite one liner, music score, car chase or verbal joust. So TopTenMM was always in the family. We now want to bring that same magic to every other fellow movie maniac.

We are designing TopTenMM as a way to put out our view on rankings in different categories and democratize movie rankings by giving movie maniacs the power to vote on your rankings and also nominate an entry in an existing category . This is a big deal for us and we think it matters to movie maniacs too. We shouldn’t just be reading the listings other sites offer, or passively accept the verdicts of film critics - we should be able to create our own. TopTenMM will soon give everyone a way to do that.

Contact us @ thetop10mm@gmail.com

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