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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Ice Age

It's the Ice Age and when a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a woolly mammoth find a lost human baby, they must work together to return him to his tribe.


Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha


Michael J. Wilson, Michael Berg


Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Ray Romano

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Ice Age (2002) began the stories of three of the most iconic animation characters who have entertained children and adults for years - Sid the sloth, Manny (Manfred) the mammoth and Diego the sabre tooth tiger. This movie introduces these three as they travel together to return a human baby to its tribe. The film follows their journey as they learn from each other and discover the most unusual and seemingly impossible friendship.

Ice Age shows us that people (in this case, animals) can change and that true friends are always found in the most unlikely places and circumstances. The vastly different personalities of these three characters highlight the fact that difference is often a strength mistaken to be an obstacle. It depicts the moving journey of Sid, Manny and Diego and how they are slowly brought together by the common object to all three of them - the baby.

Ice Age shows us that people (in this case, animals) can change and that true friends are always found in the most unlikely places and circumstances.

Many movies have narrated stories of transformations and changes of heart but what makes Ice Age so special is the well-timed, thoroughly enjoyable humour that is the backbone of the chemistry between these characters. There’s Sid, the carefree, fun-loving yet compassionate sloth who always find the most creative ways to annoy his more uptight companions. Then there’s Manny - the straight-faced mammoth who feels that he is more of a ‘solo’ survivor. And then we have Diego, the suspicious outcast whose presence is at first threatening, but he too gradually becomes accepted as part of the ‘clan’. Of course, there’s the baby who is the entire reason for the establishment of the ‘clan’ and who unknowingly warms the coldest hearts.

Once again, the performances from the voice actors bring these personalities to life with John Leguizamo giving Sid that perfect voice which triggers compassion as well as annoyance with its stupidity. Denis Leary grasps the indifference and panache of Diego and Ray Romano lends Manny a fatherly, fed - up attitude through his voice which accurately sums up the character.

The laughs, the heartwarming moments and the unique characters combine to give us the type of entertainment we seek in an animated movie. Oh and, not to leave out a great favourite, I’ll mention Scrat - the lovable ancient squirrel who causes a different disaster in every movie but ultimately leads to the creation of the world as we know it.

Ice Age is a fantastic movie that can be enjoyed(free of guilt) by all ages and which, I’m sure, every adult has a soft spot for. This film gives us irreplaceable morals while at the same time keeping us laughing and vouching for all three(four, with the baby) characters. Also, let’s take a moment to cherish that dodo scene!

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