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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

We’ve always joked that what our world needs is a real good alien invasion. That’s what will help us forget that we are Indians, or Pakistanis, Americans or Russians, Democrats or Republicans, Muslims or Christians or Hindus and go back to who we really are - a brotherhood of human beings. When disaster threatens on an epic scale humans band together. They also think of inventive ways to beat the aliens whether as a whole or in one-on-one combat. They find hidden value in everyday things. The terror of combating a species stronger and smarter than your own, brings out the creative juices. Several scenes see the humans in a hopeless dead-end, their backs to the wall, having taken losses of friends and family.

Dutch is the last one left standing as the Predator has picked off each of his fellow warriors. He witnesses the dramatic outclassing of guns and grenades that have served him well against human enemies. David Drayton heads out in the SUV having seen the mall become a killing field - with terror from both the aliens and unsurprisingly some humans. Most times the humans come out fighting - using a combination of their survival instinct with an ingenuity brought on by desperation.

The terror of combating a species stronger and smarter than your own, brings out the creative juices.

We have Ripley making use of the loader to even the odds against the Queen Alien. She uses the flame thrower to good effect. Outguessing, outsmarting the alien she finally sends it into outer space. We have Dutch who uses the wet mud to hide himself from the penetrating gaze of the Predator. His simple booby traps finally bring the Predator down. When he rises to crush the trapped aliens head, his warrior spirit prevents him from killing a defeated opponent.

We have the recent Quiet Place (2018) with Regan using her hearing aid and the amplified signals from it to bring the terrifying aliens down. We see Graham Hess realize that what we often take for granted - water - becomes a deadly weapon to fight off the aliens invading his home. War of the Worlds (2005) makes bacteria the alien killer; deadly to them, safe for us. Pitch Black (2000) sees Riddick use light to fend off his alien opponents. Avatar sees a role reversal with the good ‘aliens’ getting the better of their human invaders through their collaboration, creativity and grit, led by an ex - Human who takes their side in an unequal battle. Independence Day (1996) and MIB (1997) go slam-bang and that’s the end of the alien gang.

As the aliens have got smarter, so have the humans. As Directors come up with newer and more powerful aliens they keep giving their human heroes ingenious ways out. The battle continues….

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