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Nominee #10 - Entrapment (1999)

An insurance agent is ordered by her employer to locate and seize an art thief.


Jon Amiel Writers:

Ronald Bass (story) (as Ron Bass), Michael Hertzberg Stars:

Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames

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Released in 1999, Entrapment is a caper film written by Ronald Bass and directed by Jon Amiel. With a compelling cast; Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sean Connery, Will Patton, Maury Chaykin, and Ving Rhames and an exciting plot, the focus of the film is the enigmatic relationship between investigator Virginia Baker and famous crook Robert MacDougal as they plan a heist.

An extremely watchable film...

Virginia Baker is a Waverly Insurance investigator and Robert MacDougal is a professional thief specialized in international art. When a Rembrandt painting is stolen in New York, Virginia is sent to investigate Robert undercover. She claims she’s also a professional thief to entrap him, and she promises to help him steal a priceless Chinese mask.

Before he agrees, Robert shares his number one rule: never bring a gun, otherwise you’re tempted to use it. They travel to Scotland where they plan the heist, and Aaron Thibodeaux, Robert’s friend, arrives with supplies.

In the meantime, Virginia informs her boss about their location, but Mac has bugged his entire hideout, so he hears the conversation. After they steal the mask, Robert accuses her of having ulterior motives of selling the mask to a buyer in Kuala Lumpur and then turning him in.

She convinces him her job at the insurance agency is the real cover and that she’s planning a bigger heist in Kuala Lumpur. Virginia’s boss and his team track her down and confirm she is still working to bring Robert in. Despite the impenetrable security, they pull off the theft in the final seconds of the 2000 millennium countdown, but Virginia sets off the alarms ahead of time and they barely manage to escape. They agree to meet the next morning.

Virginia arrives at the meeting spot and Robert shows up late with his friend Aaron who we discover is with the FBI. It turns out the FBI has been looking for her. Two years earlier, Aaron arrested Robert so he had agreed to help the FBI arrest Virginia. But Robert has other plans.

He slips her a gun and reveals that he kept a billion dollars from the heist they barely managed to escape earlier. She pretends to hold him at gunpoint, so the FBI allows her to board a train and escape. At the end we see her tell Robert she needs him for another job, and they board a train together…

An extremely watchable film not only because it has an aging yet brutally intense Connery opposite the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones, but also because it combines superb heist sequences and suspense with the softer more subtle elements in the relationship and juxtaposition between these two powerful central characters!

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