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Ratatouille (2007)

An unlikely bond forms between a rat who is a true chef and a boy who is faking it.


Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava (co-director)


Brad Bird (screenplay), Jan Pinkava (original story by)


Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt

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The Movie Ratatouille, released in 2007 and directed by Brad Bird, is the story of a rat named Remy, (voiced by Patton Oswalt), whose passion is cooking. He dreams that one day he would become a great cook like his role-model Auguste Gusteau (whose first name and last name are, interestingly, anagrams of each other).

Like many great revelations, it takes a painful event to trigger and bring about the opportunity for and the expression of Remy’s talent. He is separated from his family but ends up, of all places, at the restaurant of Auguste Gusteau!

This is a wonderful, heart-warming film which superbly builds on the odd relationship between human and rat.

There he meets a young garbage boy named Alfredo Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano). He sees the boy trying to add something to the soup, but seeing him struggle with it, he decides to help the boy and get the soup recipe right. Despite Remy being an evidently unwelcome creature in a kitchen, Alfredo feeling pity, lets the little rat live. Soon, they develop a bond, and in time, Remy helps Alfredo become a great cook and eventually start his own restaurant.

This is a wonderful, heart-warming film which superbly builds on the odd relationship between human and rat. And the glue in this bond is the art of cooking. Fast paced, entertaining, with charming twists and turns in the plot, and really great characters, the film’s depth comes from its focus on relationships between the diverse characters.

Another unique thing about the movie is its title which is the name of a French dish. It becomes the focal point in the climax when it is served to the most demanding, authentic and fastidious food critic Anton Ego (voiced by Peter O’Toole).

Delightful animation, the excellent visualization of the streets of Paris, and a beautiful score by Michael Giacchino lending magic to the film’s already charming setting make this a real winner!

It’s no surprise the movie earned 8.0 on IMDB and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is truly a classic, and a must watch for every family, and any lover of the art of cooking.

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