May The Force Be With You - TopTenMM Star Wars Moments

One of the most interesting themes in the Star Wars universe is that of the Force - the all-encompassing energy field - that not everyone can tap into, but that gives unimaginable power to those who do.

What makes the Force especially enthralling for viewers is that it can be used for good or bad, as the Jedi and the Sith show us repeatedly. For the Jedi, the Force helps in defense and in attaining knowledge. For the Sith, it helps in attack and gaining control.

Excluding lightsaber duels (which in themselves spectacularly showcase the use of the Force), here are the Top 10 most impressive use of the Force moments from the Star Wars movie universe:

Luke Skywalker's astral projection of himself onto Crait for the battle against Kylo Ren - The Last Jedi

Yoda versus Emperor Palpatine in the Senate using senate pods as missiles - Revenge of the Sith

The Emperor unleashing Force lightning on a defenseless Luke Skywalker - Return of the Jedi

What makes the Force [...] enthralling for viewers is that it can be used for good or bad.

General Leia flying through space - The Last Jedi

Yoda lifting Luke’s X-Wing out of the Dagobah swamp - The Empire Strikes Back

Yoda blocks Force lightning from Count Dooku - Attack of the Clones

Darth Vader’s Force Choke of Admiral Motti – A New Hope

Leia sensing that Luke is in danger and turning back to rescue him - The Empire Strikes Back

Blind warrior monk, Chirrut Imwe single-handedly battle the storm-troopers - Rogue One

Luke's vision of Han and Leia being tortured on Cloud City - The Empire Strikes Back

Certainly, ten is too small a number to do justice to the spectacular and sublime uses of the Force in the Star Wars movie universe. So, what are those other moments that you would add to the list above?

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