Our Top Ten Heist Movies - The Reveal

Heist movies have to get a lot of things right. The target should be difficult enough, the team should be a great combination, the in must be creative and not-been-done-before and there’s got to be a sting in the tail. Throw in a car chase or a shootout and the recipe comes together.

Fast Five had the jaw-dropping drag-along safe chase through the streets, cop cars in pursuit.

Dom and Brian, the two best drivers on the team are expertly manoeuvring their cars and leaving mayhem in their trail.

Heat had perhaps one of the best shootouts ever filmed, relentless and ear-shattering.

Powerhouse performances from De Niro and Al Pacino and a coffee-house scene with zinger lines make this a favourite.

With visuals and never-scene before action pieces, Inception not only gave viewers a brain sprain trying to figure out the plot but left them awestruck.

The target made the heist all the more interesting- no stealing of anything here, just inception - the planting of an idea in the subject's mind.

The Italian Job finds its way onto the list with the Mini-Coopers having their own starring role. Ronin had De Niro chasing a suitcase.

The tension between characters, the zen of the ‘Ronin’ discussion and one of the first movies do the ‘wrong side of the road’ car chase make this an all-time special.

Ocean’s Eleven was classic heist with the assembling of the team and the interplay between characters.

It was clear the cast was having fun being in the movie and it rubbed off in spades on audiences worldwide.

The Inside Man brought satire, social commentary and a smart plot and deposited it in a bank.

Put Denzel Washington and Clive Owens and Jodie Foster into play and you have a brilliant cast able to do justice to Spike Lee’s “red herrings for breakfast, lunch and dinner” as one reviewer put it.

The Bank Job, The Town and The Score bring up the worthy rear of this top ten.

So here's our Top Ten Heist movies list. We hope you like it. Do you agree - if you don’t pls let us know what’s your TopTen

The Reveal

1. Heat

2. Inception

3. Ocean’s Eleven

4. Inside Man

5. The Italian Job

6. Ronin

7. Fast Five

8. The Bank Job

9. The Town

10. The Score

There it is. Agree with the list? Disagree? Comment below and let us know.

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