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With every franchise there will be the hardcore fan who connects the dots to conjure the most marvellous theories. Whether proven right or wrong these theories add mystery to a franchise, it makes even the wildest ideas a possibility. Star Wars is no exception, fan theories have been circling the internet among other mediums for decades. From the bizarre to the tragic, Star Wars theories have created endless possibilities for its characters and more often than not, these theories turn out to be completely … true.

Boba Fett Did not die in the Sarlacc pit

Boba Fett is perhaps the most popular Star Wars character with the least screen time. He barely utters a word, he’s rarely on screen but his reputation precedes him. Boba Fett is one of the galaxy’s most dreaded bounty hunters. Little else is known about him and it’s perhaps this air of mystery that made the character so popular. However, Fett meets his end (supposedly) in Return of the Jedi after he falls into the Sarlacc pit outside Jabba Hutt’s palace. An anticlimactic and far from gratifying end to a character who had gained so much fame. Surely, he was dead. Or was he?

Fans were eager to keep the bounty hunter alive, theories suggested he was merely captured and not dead. Finally, in 1996 an anthology series Tales from Jabba’s Palace it was revealed Boba Fett certainly did escape and was far from dead continuing to life his mercenary life in the galaxy.

Darth Maul was not killed by Obi-Wan

This was perhaps one of the wilder theories. Darth Maul met his end in the Phantom Menace. After an epic lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Maul was cut in half and sent hurtling to his death. The character again was extremely popular, and fans were desperate to see more. This seemed however too much to ask, there seemed no way to revive the character.

Miraculously, The Clone Wars series saw the unlikely return of Darth Maul. Discovered by his brother in the bowels of Lotho Minor and driven to insanity but very much alive. Darth Maul was alive even if it meant on mechanical spider legs. Another bizarre theory proved right.

From the bizarre to the tragic, Star Wars theories have created endless possibilities for its characters

E.T in the Star Wars Universe

E.T is a Spielberg classic and apart from the fact that Spielberg and George Lucas are close friends there should be no logical connection between E.T and Star Wars. Yet, E.T’s species makes an appearance in the senate during the Phantom Menace. Not only is it a fun connection but it confirms that the Star Wars universe occurs in ours.

Ewoks are Savages

Ewoks have not been the most popular Star Wars creatures among fans. Criticised for being annoying it’s natural they have been subject to some of the more brutal theories of the franchise. This theory however is more truth than speculation.

The Ewoks were moments away from killing and eating Luke and Han in The Return of the Jedi before being saved by C-3PO. However, their true savagery is more implied. In the end of The Return of the Jedi they’re seen celebrating using slain Storm Trooper helmets as drums. It’s quite likely the owners of the helmets were very much alive before their encounter with the Ewoks.

The Ewoks may have helped the good guys but at the end of the day they really just are flesh eating savages.

The Force Protects

The force in addition to being the binding power of the universe may also have the unique ability to protect an individual from danger. This popular theory would therefore address why the Jedi rarely hurt in the original trilogy. It has never been explicitly stated but the force may indeed provide a protective barrier, at least to some degree, to ones strong in their beliefs.

The closest we have to justify this theory is Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One who walked through blaster fire unhurt as he chanted, I am one with the force and the force is with me. The theory would also explain the Stormtroopers’ terrible aim.

R2-D2 sees all

R2-D2 and C-3PO are the only two characters to appear in every Star Wars movie. R2-D2 especially is always the quiet spectator, witnessing the rise and fall of the Empire, the power of Darth Vader, countless battles and much more.

While this theory is certainly a stretch, it’s possible we witness the entire saga from the small droid’s perspective. R2 is the audience’s narrator and we see the story unfold from his shoes or … wheels.

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