The Day of the Dead - Top Ten MM Opening Sequences

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Nominee "Wildcard" Spectre (2015)

With too many Bonds we decided to make this a Wild Card. Go check out the new Nominee #6


Bond is sent back into a journey to his past and as he hurtles through the maze he's destined to meet someone from his past.

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Spectre's spectacular opening scene, set during the 'Day of the Dead' parade in Mexico City, included a crowd of 1,500 extras in makeup and costume.

We first see a giant hat over a giant skull over a giant skeleton. The skull is smiling and nodding as all giant dolls do – it’s part of the parade and it floats 20-30 feet above the crowd. The camera high up bends low to pick out an incoming man in the crowd – dressed in a white suit, his hair tied in a ponytail. Bond watches him walk by and then a seamless track shot follows Bond (parade mask intact) through the crowd, into a hotel lobby and up into the room of his lady friend (now unmasked). Just as she’s readying for bed he has to leave her to hunt down someone on the rooftops. That’s when it gets serious.

As Bond walks along the wall of the roof, we see the noisy parade below. Boisterous floats, over-the-top colour and revellers doing their, well, revelling. Bond stops at one wall, high-powered rifle in position aimed carefully at a window across the street through which he can see a deal being done with at least one of the dealers being the man in the white suit. He shoots at his targets but then all hell breaks loose. The bullets shatter the glass but, by some unseen hand, the entire building collapses – on Bond. He barely gets by hopping from brick to brick until he’s back out on the street again amidst the rubble of the building. He spots his target (Mr White Suit) fleeing and sets off pursuing.

Breathlessly Bond, of course but also one of the best opening scenes of all time.

The man hurtles through the street amidst Parade Day skulls, skeletons, floats and frills until he comes to a clearing in the square where the crowd naturally gives way to a helicopter landing. Bond jumps in after him into the helicopter as it takes off above the swirling crowd. With the two men locked in hand to hand combat, crawling all over the pilot struggles to retain control over the craft – at one point both men standing on the landing skids. Bond finally throws his man out and then turns to the flair-firing pilot. The copter in distress barrel rolls, then climbs, climbs, climbs, climbs and after the pilot too is thrown out it falls, falls, falls. Bond desperately takes control just before it plunges into the crowd.

Breathlessly Bond, of course, but also one of the best opening scenes of all time.

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