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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993), directed by Rob Cohen, is based on the biography ‘Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew’, by his widow, Linda Lee Cadwell.

Lauren Holly, as Lee’s wife in the film, is the perfect foil for Lee's ego that appears to mask all his fears - his fear of prejudice, of defeat, of obscurity, of death, of himself. That he eventually battles these fears with courage and passion is brought out vividly in this homage on film.

A beautiful tale, compassionately told and with some electrifying fight sequences that mark Lee's own path on the streets and in the movies. From early instruction in the martial arts in Hong Kong, through to brawls, university, early years as a teacher of martial arts, love, courtship and marriage in San Francisco. From the serious back injury (as a result of a fight) - that threatened to end his career - to his remarkable recovery and the development of Jeet Kune Do ("The way of the intercepting fist"). From frustrating forays into television to the birth of a star through path breaking movies back in Hong Kong. And then… the shocking end to a wonderful life. All too sudden…all too soon.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story pays rich tribute to a one of a kind star who pursued personal excellence in martial arts and made his magnificent obsession the inspiration of millions.

The film is dedicated to Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee who tragically died (in a shooting accident while filming The Crow) a couple of months before its release.

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