The Reveal - TopTenMM Star Wars Moments

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Star Wars is one of the most timeless franchises. It has something for everyone, Star Wars fan or not the saga has something entertaining, imaginative and powerful to offer to its audience. Spanning decades, Star Wars has become the Sci-Fi fantasy with 9 films that have continually pushed the bar, giving audiences something new and wonderful every time the title bursts on screen with the magical swell of Williams’ score.

Lightsaber duels, pod races, epic battles - Star Wars is nothing short of grand, each film with its moments that have stood the test of time; moments that still give a fan goosebumps; moments that are as relevant today as they were the moment audiences first saw it. From the incredible moment Vader uttered the words I am your father to the pod race in The Phantom Menace, the moments on our list

are nothing short of breathtaking and

every moment on this list could be someone’s number one.

So here it is, our top ten Star Wars moments:

10. The Pod Race

9. Leia Sends a Message

8. Hello There. Obi Wan vs. General Grievous

7. The Darth Maul Showdown

6. Anakin Becomes Vader

5. Vader’s Redemption

4. Vader vs. The Rebels

3. I Hate You

2. Yoda Lifts the X-Wing

1. I Am Your Father

Agree with our list? Disagree? Let us know!

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