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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Nominee #6 - Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Evil Dead 2

A couple venture into the woods to a cabin where they unleash the undead. The young man must now face off against swarms of evil, including his now demonic girlfriend... Can he make it till dawn?


Sam Raimi


Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel


Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks

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Evil Dead 2 (1987) features Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams the protagonist in the entire series. The movie falls into the horror-comedy genre and was directed by Sam Raimi; becoming one of the most popular series in the category with Evil Dead 2 scoring an incredible 7.8 on IMDB.

No matter what mixed reviews the film sometimes received, overall, it always scored more positive responses among both critics and audiences worldwide becoming a real cult film and in many ways creating a sub-genre by itself.

The plot is uncomplicated, even naïve. But somehow its execution managed to hold the attention of viewers through what may even seem a ridiculous series of attacks by body parts, corpses and trees on the main character. Ash is in a cabin in the woods where he had come to spend time with his girlfriend, but on playing a mysterious tape left by the previous occupant, an archaeologist, he realizes it’s an incantation to wake the evil dead. His girlfriend becomes possessed by what is known as the Kandarian Demon and what follows is a series of brutal – funny attacks. Ash is compelled to decapitate his girlfriend.

But the dead won’t rest.

But the dead won’t rest. Her head attacks him, her headless body attacks him, and he finally destroys what is left of her. Ash is next. He is possessed by night and free by day but unable to get off the cabin island. Help arrives but in the meanwhile Ash has to deal with his nightmare; visions of the room coming alive, and his own hand attacking him till he is forced to cut off his hand.

All hell breaks loose as the situation escalates, and the rescuers uncover more dark secrets about the cabin, the cellar beneath, and even the possessed trees around the cabin. Ash prevails in the end as the incantation to reverse the awakening is read and he is taken up into a portal where is lands up in the year 1300 AD, encounters a group of knights who think he is “deadite”, and finally wins their adulation when a real deadite appears and Ash finishes it off with his shot-gun.

There is no sophisticated script here. In a way it’s precisely its corny plot, special effects which were at the time quite novel, gore, the cheesy body parts fights, and chainsaw, shot-gun action which somehow clicked with a variety of audiences making one among the best loved (if not most respected) horror films.

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