What Makes Bond Movie Prologues So Epic?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

The James Bond series has always been an incredible franchise enjoyed by fans across the world. The classic character and the intense storylines grasp the audiences’ attention with every single movie! But some of the most iconic and legendary scenes occur during the opening sequences, each one paralleling the other in so many ways, and creating some of the most epic prologues in film history. Here are some

of the ingredients that make these prologues so incredible!

Adrenalin Rush – The Chase

What is a Bond prologue without an intense chase literally pounding the audience into Bond’s world!

Nearly every opening in this franchise is followed (or begun) by a thrilling chase – in cars, in boats, on

foot. In The Living Daylights (1987), Dalton’s Bond runs after a speeding car and leaps onto its top, eventually leading it right into the ocean. In Quantum of Solace (2008), Craig brings Bond to the screen in a high-speed car chase followed by gunfire and explosions. Even in The World is Not Enough (1999), Brosnan is in a terrific boat chase sequence with its trademark twists, turns, and high drama! In a sense, the Bond franchise set the bar for great chase and action sequences. And many films that followed learnt a lesson or two from them!

Grand Explosions and Gunfire

It’s become another expected and vital ingredient in the Bond recipe. And typical opening sequences usually don’t end without them. James Bond is often trailed by explosions and barely missed gunfire, especially in one of his older films, Goldfinger (1964). Connery begins this film setting explosives in place and, in

his nonchalant style, waits for them to go off in a nearby fiesta. Decades later, we see a parallel in the explosion scene of Spectre (2015), where Craig’s Bond is in the midst of a massive city-wide celebration. Similar sets of explosions and regular

gunfire characterise the Bond movies in each of their prologues.

Exotic Places

Die Another Day (2002) begins on massive sea waves pounding a mysterious and lonely beach. Spectre begins in an ancient and beautiful town. The World is Not Enough begins on a river flowing through a gorgeous city. Even the older films from the days of Connery, Moore and Dalton, take us to oceans, rivers, urban

landscapes, and unheard-of places lending an aura of mystery, and subdued excitement which have become intrinsic to the Bond experience.

Whether Bond eventually succeeds or fails in his opening mission, he manages to pull off an incredibly

narrow escape somewhere through the sequence. He usually gains at least a small win, uses his

extraordinary gadgets, and does something that seems nearly impossible. It’s this exotic mix of

ingredients and his endearing super-natural poise that has won the hearts of audiences in almost every

movie; and perhaps most powerfully in the opening sequences that have become the definitive

standard of great prologues.

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